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Wall Street Journal #1 realtor

Who is the #1 real estate agent from the Real Trends 2016 report? Real Trends is often associated with the Wall Street Journal, because they advertise the winning real estate agents in the Wall Street Journal. They report the results for transactions as well as total $ sales and separate the categories for individual real estate agents as well as teams.

In 2016, the #1 agent on the list was Ben Caballero with HomeUSA.com. Ben is an Addison, Texas real estate agent and according to the results published in the Wall Street Journal, Ben Caballero sold 2491 homes in the Addison, Texas area last year!

We decided to do a little research about Ben and one of the first things we noticed is that Ben Caballero has only 1 review on Zillow. Zillow also shows that he hasn’t sold any homes in the past year. Sorry Zillow, but it looks like this is just another example of how your data can’t be trusted. Ben’s sales results have been verified independently by a 3rd party and it has been shown that he sold 2491 homes last year, more than any other real estate agent who is listed in the Zillow real estate agent directory. There is some information on the Zillow website which has been provided by Ben which includes having sold more than 13,000 homes between 2010 and 2015. Ben also notes that he was the top agent in the United States last year according to the Real Trends report.

Now, why does Ben have only one review on Zillow. We recently discussed how past clients have a tendency to not write reviews of their real estate agent unless they have been asked by the agent to do so. This is a great example. Here is a real estate agent who has sold more than 13,000 homes, yet he has only one review on Zillow. Clearly, people won’t review you unless you ask them to, and it certainly appears that Ben Caballero has not reached out to his past clients asking them to review him on Zillow.

We should point out that Ben is not your typical real estate agent. His company HomeUSA.com serves new home builders. According to their website, they represent 54 home builder brands including Toll Brothers, Highland Homes, Darling Homes, First Texas Homes, HistoryMaker Homes and McBuyer Home Builders.

If you look at the Real Trends list of top real estate agents as published in the Wall Street Journal you will see that the #2 real estate agent on the list is Jeff Perry in St. Cloud, Florida. He is with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services and he sold 676 homes last year. The difference between Jeff Perry and Ben Caballero is huge. Ben sold 1800+ more homes than 2nd place Jeff Perry.

It takes time to sift through the data to find the best real estate agent to represent you. If you said to yourself, “I want to work with the best real estate agent in the country”, you would need to realize, that you can’t work with the best agent in the country, because he only represents new home sellers. Even if you could work with the #1 selling real estate agent in the country, would you really want to? Do you think an agent who sells almost 2500 homes a year would be able to give you the individualized attention that you want? Frequently there is an advantage to using an agent who sells less than 100 homes per year. Especially if you are a buyer, you may want to work with a real estate agent who sells only 30 or 40 homes per year. They’ll have the time you want and need to find the perfect house.

This example illustrates the time it can take to sift through all of the data out there on the top real estate agents around the country. Do you really have the time to commit to this? We’re here to help. Check out our free real estate agent review and recommendation service where we sift through all of the data to make a recommendation. You’ll save yourself time, money, hassle and frustration.

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