The 10 Best Real Estate Agents in Denver

Who are the best real estate agents in Denver, CO? It depends on who you ask, however, we decided to take a look at the list Yelp published, titled “The Best 10 Real Estate Agents in Denver, CO”. The first thing we noticed about their list is that it’s confusing. They include both real estate companies and real estate agents in their list of “best agents”. For example, they include One Realty, Live Urban Real Estate, 360dwellings Real Estate and Redfin in their list while at the same time including individual real estate agents such as Jeff Plous who is actually an agent with One Realty (included seperately in the best of list). 

Is a home buyer or seller to assume that because Redfin is included in the list, that they could hire any agent from Redfin and they would be working with one of Denver’s best agents? Of course not! Likewise, should a buyer or seller assume that if they hire an agent from One Realty (#4 on the list) that all of their agents are equal? Let’s take a closer look at their recommendations and we’ll make our own assessment based on the findings.

List of Denver’s Best Real Estate Agents

Jeff Plous an agent with One Realty. He has 26, five-star reviews from his past clients on Yelp. We checked his reviews on Zillow and found that he has a 4.6/5 rating based on reviews from nine of his past clients. Eight of the reviews were five-stars, however, he did have a one-star review as well. It looks like he has been selling real estate for nine years and he sold about 45 homes last year.  Now, nothing against Jeff, he seems like a well qualified agent, however, it seems generous to identify him as the #1 real estate agent in Denver. There are lots of agents who have better reviews from past clients, have sold more homes, have more experience, have additional REALTOR® designations, etc. 

denver's #1 realtor jeff plous

Screen grab from Jeff Plous website.


360dwellings Real Estate. The first thing I noticed is that Yelp indicates this brokerage responds to inquiries in about 9 hours! That simply is not acceptable. A top real estate agent is expected to return call, emails and texts in less than two hours and in general, they should be getting back to you in an hour. The team has 65 five-star reviews on Yelp. Although, Yelp doesn’t make it very clear, we checked for 360dwellings Real Estate on Zillow and found that they are actually a real estate brokerage, not an individual agent or team. The company appears to have been in businss for 8 years but doesn’t have any reviews. We don’t believe a real estate company should be included in a list of “best real estate agents“.

#2 ranked realtor in denver

Screen grab from 360dwellings website.


Nate Postlethwait with Sotheby’s International Realty. Nate has 19 excllent reviews on Yelp.  We checked his profile on Zillow and found he has 11 reviews that are all five-stars. Zillow is only reporting that he sold 4 homes in the past month. This is likely an error with Zillows data. Nate states in his profile that he has been ranked in the top 1% of brokers in the nation. Again, Nate seems like a good agent, but his experience and qualifications don’t seem to justify his position as #3 on the Yelp list.

#3 ranked best denver, co real estate agent

Screen grab from Nate Postlethwait’s website.

One Realty. This local broker has 52 excellent reviews that are all five-stars. Their response time is listed at one hour, which is excellent. The problem I see with including One Realty in this list is that they aren’t actually a real estate agent, they are a real estate company that employs many agents. If you were a home buyer or seller using Yelp to find a agent to represent you and you contacted them through the Yelp website, you would be handed off to whatever agent in the company is responsible for resonding to Yelp leads for the day. Real estate companies usually give this task to the newer agents, so it’s unlikely that you will be working with one of their experienced agents and could be assigned a new agent with minimal experience. 

one realty best denver realty company

Screen grab from One Realty website in Denver.

The David Schlichter Team with Keller Williams. David’s team has 47 reviews that are all five-stars. Yelp indicates that he typically responds to clients within an hour. Although, it’s difficult to tell from Yelp if Davids has a team of 50 agents or one agents, we were able to find from his Zillow provide that he has only one agent on his team – Tom Pitzer. His Zillow profile shows that he has 55 great reviews that are all five-stars and he has sold about 50 homes in the past year. It is our assessment that based on the first five Denver real estate agents on the Yelp list, that David Schlichter and his team from Keller Williams are the best of this group. We looked into his team member Tom Pitzer and he also has a five-star rating and has sold 20+ homes in the past year. 



Top ranked David Schlichter team in denver

Screen grab from David Schlichter Team website.

We will continue our analysis of the best real estate agents in Denver, Colorado according to Yelp in an upcoming blog post. Our assessment based on reviewing the first five real estate agents/companies/brokers on the Yelp list is that this may be a good starting point for finding a real estate agent in Denver, however, it cannot be relied upon for making a final choice. Choosing a real estate agent is an important decision and sifting through all of the information on the internet can be a daunting task. 

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  1. Dick R. 2 years ago

    I know for a fact that Brendan Bartic with Keller Williams is the #1 selling Keller Williams realtor in Colorado. Any idea why he isn’t included on the Yelp list of Denver’s Top Real Estate Agents? The agents you mentioned don’t seem to be the top selling agents. They have good reviews, but there are lots of Denver agents who have reviews that are as good or better. Any thoughts on how Yelp created this list?

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