5 Tips to Help You Enjoy Thanksgiving

5 Tips to Help You Enjoy Thanksgiving

It’s hard to believe the Thanksgiving holiday is just one week away! We love this time of year, and the opportunity to count our blessings over a big table of food and surrounded by our loved ones. As wonderful as traditions can be, family dynamics and other factors can lead to stress and added pounds on the scale. Here are 5 tips to help you enjoy Thanksgiving:

Don’t Starve Yourself: one tip to help you enjoy Thanksgiving is to eat a small meal before the festivities. This might sound odd, but there are plenty of us that purposely avoid eating so we have plenty of room for the feast but a small meal in the morning or a few hours before will help you eliminate a few calories.

Put on Your Sunday Best: there is something to be said about putting on a special outfit or something that makes you feel good, especially if you are heading to a potentially stressful situation. Instead of opting for the baggy sweats or an old tee sheet and jeans, why not put on your Sunday best? A boost in your confidence will help you enjoy Thanksgiving!

Go For Your Favorites First: on Thanksgiving there are definitely plenty of favorite foods that we only indulge in once a year. But do you love all of them? Why not go for your favorites first? If you are worried about tipping the scales the next day, this is a great tip to try this year.

Avoid Too Much Alcohol: nothing fuels a stressful situation like too much alcohol, and this time of year we tend to relate celebrating with heavy drinking. Opt for non-alcoholic beverages like sparkling waters or a fruity fusion drink.

Volunteer to Help Clean Up: the best way to burn off extra calories is moving our bodies. Instead of passing out on the sofa from a turkey coma, you could volunteer for the cleanup crew – and immediately start burning off the calories.

From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!

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The Bourland Group

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