6 Reasons to Hire a Realtor

Statistics from the National Association of Realtors show that in 2017 only 7% of real estate transitions were done without the use of a Realtor. This number actually decreased from the previous year. So why isn’t the “For Sale Buy Owner” (or FSBO) model more popular? You might be surprised by the benefits of hiring me as your agent.

1. Attract the Right Buyers

I’ve seen FSBO sellers get tied up by well-intentioned buyers who say they are going buy their home. They know that no one else is looking at the house so they take their time, dragging out the process . Then the buyers find out they don’t qualify for a loan or they find something else. At the end of the day, you as the seller are left with your hands empty and valuable marketing time has been wasted. As your Realtor, I will use the proper channels to screen buyers requiring pre-approval letters and a complete understanding of the sales agreement.

2. Maximum Exposure

Even if you list your home on a major website, you are still limiting the exposure of your listing. As your Realtor, I have access to all major and national websites and a network of over a thousand agents who may have buyers for your home. In addition, quality marketing, open houses, just listed postcards, and lawn signs will help reach anyone else who needs to know that your house is for sale! I can show you more about my 3-tier approach to marketing that I have had great success with over the years.

3. Time

You make plans to go to dinner and someone wants to see the house. The next day is your child’s ballgame. Again, someone wants to see the house. You miss the game and the buyers don’t show. There goes your weekend! Someone calls at 9 am Monday and wants to see the house at 2pm but you’re at work. Do you leave? Take a half day? You can quickly see how this could get really old, really fast. Your time is valuable. Listing with a Realtor will free up your schedule so you can enjoy your life and keep those vacation days for moving to the new house!

Listing with a Realtor will reduce your time on market. A faster sale will solidify your future plans. Interest rates and inventory are constantly changing. A hike in the interest rate might change how much house you can afford and the house you had your eye on is now gone. And each time month you need to pay your current mortgage. Even if your home is paid off, there are still carrying costs associated with your home being for sale. Taxes, utilities, homeowner’s insurance on an empty house. Using the tools of a Realtor cut those days on market down.

4. Experience

If you’ve been at your profession for a while, I think you would agree that you have gotten better and more efficient at it over the years. You have learned what to do when challenges arise. I have sold nearly 100 houses and can all but promise you, something unexpected will come up. You need a professional who knows how to solve the problem and navigate their way around the complexities of contracts, municipalities, inspections, appraisals, title companies, closing companies, and the buyer’s agent.

5. Safety and Liability

Any time that I have bought or sold something on Craigslist, I always meet with the other party in a public place. Safety is the major concern. Buyers may be very hesitant to meet you alone in your home. Conversely, you don’t know who may be coming to your house. By using the services of a Realtor, you are protected knowing that the people coming into your home are pre-screened, qualified buyers.

In the 5 years that I have been an agent, one of the biggest surprises to me has been the number of changes that are made to contracts and paperwork associated with a sales transaction. Multiple times a year, I get a memo or have a meeting about a document being added or contract revised. As a full-time agent, a big part of my job is understanding these documents and what they mean to protect my clients. As an added layer of protection, I have E&O insurance in the event of mistakes are made regarding the legal paperwork. With the prevalence of lawsuits, taking this risk on your self is not in your best interest.

6. Money

Knowing what your home is worth really relies on knowing the market. The market, not you, your agent, or a Zestimate, determines what your home is worth. Having an agent who truly understands the market will insure that your home is priced appropriately. The right price means not only getting you the most money possible but decreases the days on market.

The major objection that encounter from sellers is that they want to “save the commission”. Consider this. In the traditional model, a buyer finds an agent to represent them in the purchase of a home. This buyer’s agent assists with house hunting, contract negotiation, inspections, appraisal, mortgage, closing coordination and more. The buyer gets this service for free because the seller is paying both sides of the commission. If a buyer is choosing to pass on this “free” service and opt for a private sale there is going to be an expected benefit to them: the expectation of getting a good deal. During the negotiation, the savvy buyer is going to reduce your asking price by the 6% commission that you are not paying. Then, they will negotiate down from there. Because there is little competition for your under-exposed, possibly mis-priced home, there will not be any competition to drive that price to (or above) market value. In the end, you will “pay” a commission in the form of a price reduction.

Your home is most likely your most valuable assist. I’m sure you would agree that getting top dollar for it is important. I can understand that from a surface-level, saving on the commission seems like the logical way to net more money. In fact, you are setting yourself up to make less in the end. I hope that you can see that when using a professional, you maximize your chance of getting top dollar by proper pricing and exposure. As your Realtor, I assume the legal liability and protect your family for safety concerns associated with brining people into your home. I can get you more and get you moving!

Anne Kurzdorfer, Realtor

Keller Williams Realty

417 Walnut Street, Sewickley, PA 15143

Cell: 412-926-7769/ Office: 412-749-0100

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