8 Tips To Ready Your Home For Sale

The following eight tips are intended to provide a starting point for any home seller to get their home ready for the market — and to sell at top dollar. Remember to consult with your realtor for additional suggestions and specifics that apply to your home only.


1. De-clutter & Rearrange

Pack up, sell or give away any items that clutter up the home or condo and arrange the furniture to create flow throughout. This also organizes your home and has the added benefit of helping you get ready to move.


2. Curb Appeal Matters

Clean up the entry and make it inviting. And also clean up the yard and possibly even add some landscaping elements.


3. A Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of neutral-colored (not white) paint will make your home appear larger, brighter and more appealing to potential buyers. Definitely paint the interior unless it’s exceptionally clean and neutral already. Painting the exterior might be worth considering but there are some caveats here and it may be impractical to do this. In that case start by cleaning up the exterior as much as possible.


4. Other Repairs

Minor repairs if things like leaky faucets and sticky cabinets and doors as well as things that are broken are more important than is apparent. Buyers often believe that there are many more items in disrepair after having seen one or two. So eliminate them. It’s easy and low cost.


5. Clean

Clean homes sell. A home that sparkles attracts many buyers. Old stained carpets, dirty windows have got to go. Also make sure to neutralize any odors.


6. Show off special features

Your home may have a spectacular deck, patio or garden – or it may have solar panels or be LEED-certified. Make sure to show off these features. For instance, consider to accent your deck or patio with some well-selected larger potted plants.


7. Staging & Lighting

A well-lit home invites home buyers. Pay special attention to natural light coming in and make sure the windows are clean.

For higher end properties, consider staging. Staging works well for all kinds of homes, condos, TICs etc. but it is important to do an analysis to make sure the expense is worth it. Most of the time, staging gets a home into contract faster but does not bring a significantly higher offer.


8. Pricing It Right

It may seem obvious but pricing your home, condo, or TIC correctly is imperative, even in a hot market like San Francisco. Make sure your asking price is in line with the market’s and know which selling strategy to apply. The best way to do both is through a knowledgeable real estate professional, savvy in the local market dynamics. Of course, you’ll also go on-line to get some preliminary information.


Contact us for a more detailed analysis and to discuss your specific circumstance.



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