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My name is Danna Saia and since I can remember I have always been in a field of work where I helped someone. My passion is to make others happy.

While growing up in a small town in Mississippi, I played every team sport you can imagine and I took danced as well. I remember always being that player on the team that wanted my friends to smile because they scored, they made a block, they got the out. It makes me smile to know that they were happy.

At age 14 I started my first job at a grocery store being a cashier. People always commented; wow your tall (I’m 6’1”) and are you always smiling? Through high school I played basketball (I wanted to play many other sports but they all conflicted) so basketball was my choice. I went to school, played basketball, and worked.

By age 18 I found myself getting my GED and pregnant with my first born son (who is 16 now). At 19 My significant other and i lived with my mom while he worked and I started college. We decided that we needed to move out of our comfort zone and move a few towns over. We moved into our first apartment and the day we moved In I asked the manager if she knew anyone hiring part time because I was going to college. She said as responsible and as helpful you have been to me while getting you moved in, I could hire you as my part time Leasing Agent… and it was all up hill from there.

With in a year I was asked to take a Property Manager position at a small complex. Then with one more year I was asked to be the Area Manager for the four complexes in the small college town, all while finishing my associates degree, and taking care of my little fam.

Making others happy wether it be my family or a resident, my team, or my bosses is what makes me dedicated and strive to keep going.

Hurricane Katrina came and God changed our path onto a new journey. We landed in Baldwin County and there we would have our second child (who is now 11) and bought our 1st home. I ventured into a new career as a property manager and it was so rewarding because I was able to help those of a medium income. Yes Affordable housing Property manager for 3 years is what I did. So rewarding being able to help the single mom, the single Dad, the retired living on SSI, or the single person just trying to make it. I was helping others being able to live comfortable and helping the owners manage their multi billion dollar property all at the same time.

Where helping these people was so rewarding and satisfying, I began to find myself a bit bored once I leased the entire property up and was just maintaining. Then a job offer was offered to me that I could not turn down. It was in the same business as a property manager but was for a more challenging property as well as managing condos and single family homes.

While at the new challenging job, I decided to make some of my own “sleeping money” and bought 2 properties of my own and started leasing them. While all of this is going on, I was able to still help others. Finding short term rentals when someone moves in from out of town, helping a resident after moving in where the doctors offices are, being able to help parents find the right schools, helping a veteran that lives on the property for 10 years because he has no family get his mail and pick up his rent check. Hosting a yard sale to help the residents out because they live in an apartment. Help walking a residents dog as she recovers from a stroke. I always find myself going over and above to help people and it makes me smile.

After 8 years as this property manager, I found myself thinking that I really needed to help others in a different way, I found myself missing something, and I found myself saying I can do so much more but this job didn’t have the option of progressing due to its size.

I decided Real Estate I know how to manage multimillion dollars properties, why couldn’t I help others own an investment, buy their first home, help them purchase that second investment, help and show those individuals you can rent your investment you just have to know the right things to do.

I did it, I went and obtained my Realtors license and decided that I couldn’t go through life saying “what if?” On January 6th 2018 I gave my 2 weeks notice to my 8 year job, and 16 year career so that I could go out and help individuals sell their home, buy their first home, find an investment, manage investment for individuals, or sell / buy a vacation home. I just want people to know that I am here every step of the way and will do whatever I can to help them.

I want to be known for my outstanding client services, my 24/7 availability, my high tech marketing techniques, personal touches and as a great negotiator with my clients best interests in my heart. I believe strongly that it is not only my duty to represent my clients with the best of my ability, and also to educate them throughout every step of the process armed with top notch information and market insight, so that my clients make the very best decision.

I feel very passionate about giving back to the community. I am the local high schools quarterback club president, I help manage the local high school baseball booster club, and I am highly involved with the youth football league. (Yes my children stay active 🙂 ) I volunteer my spare time with a particular single mother of four babysit her children so she can work or take care of business or just have a few hour break. I love to practice yoga and I love animals. Most importantly I am a Christian and want to do right my Lord.

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