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We have been thinking about running a “Best Real Estate Agent” award or “Best of the Best” contest for real estate agents across the country. At the moment we are thinking about offering a $5000 prize for the winner of the national contest and recognition for the top 20 in each state. Another thought is to run it state-by-state and have a cash prize winner for each state. In this case, the winner from each state would receive $500 or $1000. Winners would be promoted on the Referz website as well as press releases and other national publications promoting their recognition. 

We would love to hear feedback from real estate agents to see if this is something they would like to participate in. Would you require a cash prize to participate, or would the recognition be sufficient motiviation for participation? Would you be willing to promote your involvement in the contest by placing a link on your website, blog of facebook page that would allow past clients to vote for you? Would you be willing to place an icon similar to the “Best of the Best” image below on your website with a link back to if you were a winner?

“Best of the Best” Real Estate Agent Awards

best real estate agent award from

Let us know your thoughts on a “Best of the Best” real estate agent contest. If you think it would be worth while and you would like to participate, share your thoughts in the comments section. We are open to your ideas and suggestions.

Another idea we have been playing with the last few weeks is to form a panel of five or six real estate agents who hand-pick the best real estate agents from the Referz real estate network. These agents would be identified as “Approved Agents” or something similar so home buyers and sellers visiting the website know that these agents are the very best real estate agents in the local market. Criteria for inclusion would include:

  1. Sales results that rank in the top 5% of local real estate agents
  2. A minimum of 10 years of sales experience
  3. Marketing photos that exceed what is normal in the marketplace. Any agent using photos sub-par photographs could NOT be included. Professional photography is required!
  4. Agent extras. Does the agent offer a home warranty or complimentary staging services?
  5. A minimum of 50, five-star reviews from past clients. Reviews could be published on Zillow, Trulia, Referz, Yelp, etc. 

Again, we would love to hear thoughts from local real estate agents on this idea. We built the Referz website as a platform for you, so give us your feedback on how we can help you standout.

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  1. Mike 2 years ago

    Seems like a cool idea to me. I have been selected for the “Five Star Professional” award multiple times. If you are looking for real estate agents to help you select the “Approved Agents” let me know. I would be willing to help out.

  2. Profile photo of Chuck Harris Author
    Chuck Harris 2 years ago

    Hey thanks Mike. I appreciate your willingness to help out with selecting the “Approved Agents”. I’ll let you know if we decide to move forward with the project.

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