Does Instinct or Information Rule?

If you’re like most people, you probably think that the practical issues control the homebuying process. Research suggests, however, that the number of bedrooms or kitchen amenities are secondary to emotional considerations when purchasing a house.

Nearly two-thirds of home buyers say the “feel” of the home is just as important as the price, and more than three-fourths place greater emphasis on quality than square footage. After visiting a home just once, over half of all homebuyers know when they have found “the one”.

Clearly, many buyers experience love at first sight, which underscores how critical it is for sellers to make a strong first impression.

The lesson for buyers? Trust your instincts, of course, but also look past emotional triggers like that perfect white picket fence. Rely on your real estate agent’s objectivity – as well as the expertise of a professional home inspector – to help you make the best investment.

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