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Anyone living in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul has certainly heard of the Edina Realty real estate company. It is the largest real estate company in Minnesota by sales volume and in 2015 conducted more than 32,000 transactions. Drive around any neighborhood from the luxury lake homes on Lake Minnetonka to the lofts of the North Loop and you are certain to see the red Edina Realty signs throughout the neighborhoods. Today Edina Realty is owned by Berkshire Hathaway (that’s right, Warren Buffet), but it got its start in 1955 right on 50th and France in Edina. Of course that’s where the name Edina Realty came from. A woman by the name of Emma Rovick built the company (though she did not found it). She was working as a secretary at what was then a struggling real estate company and decided that she could build the struggling company into something better. She borrowed $2000 and bought the company. Within a year the company did $2 million dollars in sales (remember, this was 1955 and that was a lot of money). Within 15 years she had expanded to 15 offices and had 100 sales people. The company has continued to expand and between 2007 and 2008 acquired 17 real estate firms throughout the Midwest.

Edina Realty Companies in the Minnesota and Wisconsin Real Estate Markets

• Edina Realty Mortgage
• Edina Realty Title
• Edina Realty Insurance
• Edina Realty Foundation

You might be wondering if you should use an Edina Realty agent to sell your house or to assist you with buying a home in the region they serve. Referz.com has worked with many top real estate agents from Edina Realty over the years. We have found many of them to be honest, hardworking, friendly, great marketers and experts on the local housing stock. Many are highly reviewed and recommended by past clients. The issue with giving a blanket recommendation of Edina Realty agents is that unlike most businesses, real estate companies pretty much “hire” anyone who is willing to work with them. Because, real estate agents are independent contractors, they only make money when they sell a house or represent a buyer in the purchase of a house. In fact, the more sales associates Edina Realty has, the more money they make, so if you are a licensed agent and you walk into an Edina Realty office and tell them that you want to work there, you’re basically assured a job. Of course, the same is true of pretty much every real estate broker across the country, but it’s worth pointing out because most buyers and sellers don’t realize this when deciding who they are going to hire to represent them.

When deciding what real estate agent you are going to hire, we always recommend that you hire the individual, NOT the real estate company. Be sure to ask the agents lots of questions.

Questions to Ask Your Edina Realty Agent

  1.  How long have you been selling real estate in my area?
  2.  How many homes have you sold throughout your real estate career?
  3.  How many homes did you sell last year?
  4.  If it’s relevant to your situation, you want to find out if the person specializes in selling luxury homes, lake property, foreclosures, investment property, commercial real estate, etc. Having someone who specializes in your property will make the process go smoothly.
  5.  Ask to see reviews from their past clients. Feel free to ask if you can speak to a client they recently worked with. Most agents will happily connect you with a past client.
  6.  Do they take professional photographs (3rd party) for their listings or do they take their own photos. Ask to see the marketing for some of their current and past sales.
  7.  Will you be working with them directly or do they have a team you’ll be working with after you sign the listing. If they have a team you will be handed off to, that can be fine, but you will probably want to meet the person or people you will be working with.
  8.  What is the average market time of their listings and how does that compare to the market average of all of the listings in your area?
  9.  Do you provide a home warranty for the buyers? This is something occasionally purchased by the selling real estate agent.

There are a couple of great Edina Realty agents we have worked with you might want to check out. 


 Edina Realty Agent in Minneapolis Brady KrollBrady Kroll – Brady has been selling real estaet agent in Minneapolis and the 1st tier western suburns for 12 years. He is a frequent speaker at local colleges and universities including St. Thomas and St. Mary’s College. He has also been featured on the HGTV series Sweat Equity.




Edina Realty Agent Mary Sommerfled in RosevilleMary Sommerfeld – Mary is based in the Roseville Edina Realty office. She has been selling homes in the area for more than 30 years and has sold around 1000 homes throughout her career. We like that Mary uses the locally based professional real estate photography company SpaceCrafting. The professional real estate photos taken by this local company are exceptional. Mary also provides a home warranty on all of her listings.



Edina Realty Agent Lori PistulkaLori Pistulka – Lori is a recipient of the Chairman Circle Award which is Edina Realty’s highest acheivement. She has been selling Minnesota real estate afor 12 years and she sold 29 homes in 2015. Lori has sold more than 350 homes. She serves Lakeville and Eagan, two suburbs located on the south side of the Twin Cities. 




Edina Realty Agent Alex Boylan

Alex Boylan – Alex ranks in the top 1% of real estate agents in the country and he is one of the top 50 real estate agents with Edina Realty. He sold more than 60 homes last year and has been selling real estae in Golden Valley and Minneapolis for 13 years. 




Edina Realty Agent Randy Kellogg in Eden PrairieRandy Kellogg – Eden Prairie based Edina Realty agent Randy Kellogg is a great guy who we have recommended to a number of clients over the years. Randy has been selling real estate for 14 years. Last year he sold more than 70 homes. 

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  2. Adam Tyson 2 years ago

    I worked with Edina Realty when I sold my house last year and was really impressed with their marketing. Our agent offered a home warranty for the buyers which she paid for. The house we sold was located in Minnetonka and it was built in the 1950’s. We were concerned because the house was somewhat dated and we felt buyers might be concerned about potential problems with the house. The home warranty our Edina Realty agent offered seemed to reassure the buyers who came through the house that they would be covered if there were any problems with the house.

  3. Profile photo of Chuck Harris Author
    Chuck Harris 2 years ago

    Not all agents with Edina Realty offer a home waranty, however, I believe it is something the company promotes and some of their agents decide to include it when listing a home. You’re right, for an older home, the waranty can definitely provide a sense of confidence for a buyer who is on the fence.

  4. Gretchen Rosen 2 years ago

    I live in Minnetonka and it seems like Edina Realty is the biggest real estate company selling homes in the area. They definitely have more yard signs than Keller Williams or Sotheby’s. I just graduated from college and am thinking about buying a house in the area. I was sort of thinking about trying to buy a house without an agent, but not sure if I would be better off working with an agent.

  5. Tom Jersey 2 years ago

    I am an agent with Edina Realty and I work in the Eden Prairie, MN office. I have been with the company for about 10 years and have been really happy with the company. I considered making a switch to Sotheby’s last year because another agent I’ve worked with since I started made the switch. After comparing what the two brokers had to offer, I felt like Edina Realty was a better fit.

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