From Gas Station to Condos

Land is difficult to find and at a premium in San Francisco and the rest of the Bay Area. In that light it comes as no surprise that a number of gas stations are being redeveloped into condos. This also falls into the ‘highest and best use’ category as the new zoning allows for more density. More units accommodate more people where previously no residents lived, generally in great locations like 998 Harrison, 1198 Valencia and 390 1st Street in San Francisco.

Of course, in order to build on those sites a number of hurdles must be cleared, among them the contaminated ground the gas stations are leaving behind. The ground must be remediated. Although that is pricey, labor-intensive and requires extensive reports, developers are keen on developing these lots. See all current and currently proposed building sites on former gas stations here.

With disappearing gas stations, where will consumers fuel up their cars? Or perhaps San Francisco will actually develop a coherent transit policy that addresses this issue.

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  1. Clay Anderson 2 years ago

    It’s surprising that the footprint of a former gas station is large enough to develop a condo project. Maybe with guys like Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla Motors) who are developing affordable battery powered cars, the days of needing gas stations are numbered.

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