Google Results for Denver Real Estate

A Google search for “Denver Real Estate” returns the typical results that you would expect.


These results are typical for a “real estate” search anywhere in the country (except for Google has determined that the most relevant companies in the country for real estate are these huge national companies. But is that really true? Real estate is a very local business and most of the companies in the top 7 don’t even have a brokers license or real estate agents based in Denver. They aren’t local at all! We really think Google has it wrong when it comes to ranking companies for real estate related searches.

We do like that (Kentwood Real Estate) a local broker with a strong presence in Denver is included, however the remaining 6 results should be excluded and replaced with relevant local real estate agents and/or companies.

It is also interesting that Kentwood Real Estate is showing up at #2 in the search when Coldwell Banker or Keller Williams who sell a lot more homes in Denver, aren’t even showing up in the top 10. It’s likely because Kentwood Real Estate owns and uses the domain name,, which is the search term most people are using when looking for a home in Denver. If they had instead used, they likely wouldn’t be ranking in the top 10 on Google for “denver real estate”. Funny how SEO seems to be playing more of a role in determining the results than the relevancy of the business.

If you are looking for real estate in Denver, Kentwood Real Estate offers a “Personalize Your Home Search” option. A buyer can enter their buying criteria for their dream home in Denver and a Kentwood real estate agent will provide you with daily property updates for any homes that meet your criteria. They will match you with a real estate agent who can then show you the homes when It’s convenient for you to see them. also offers this service. You can contact us with all of your buying criteria and we will match you with a top real estate agent who is highly reviewed by their past clients. They will use your buying criteria to create a custom home search that updates you whenever a new property is listed for sale that meets all of your needs. This is a free service. You save time by not having to search the Denver MLS everyday. Instead, your agent creates the custom Denver home search on your behalf and you receive automatic updates each time a new Denver home comes on the market.

There are a lot of great real estate agents in Denver. We have worked a lot with Brendan Bartic from Keller Williams. He has helped more than 100 clients for us over the past six years.  He is a recipient of the Referz “Best of the Best” real estate agent award.

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