Maria Kletchka Featured in Top Agent Magazine 

Maria Kletchka had a successful career in Corporate America, but in 2004 she had an experience so profound, that she changed courses completely in order to pursue her true passion, working in real estate. “I had moved to Florida and was participating in a team building exercise at my company. I was asked what career I would attempt, even if I had to do it free and money wasn’t a consideration. I immediately wrote down real estate. It had always been something I was drawn to, but I had a million reasons why I shouldn’t pursue it. That moment resonated with me deeply and I realized I owed it to myself to explore the possibility of a new career. So I took a leap of faith and I haven’t looked back since. It has been an amazing experience.”

Although she is an award winning, top producing agent, Maria considers one of her greatest accomplishments to be her perseverance in an industry that can see agents come and go. “When the economic downturn happened a lot of people left the industry but I dug in deeper. I surrounded myself with positive people, both personally and professionally. I attended every educational seminar I could so I could learn about the shift in the market and what people needed from the real estate industry at that time. I believe one of the keys to success as a REALTOR® is to always stay on the cutting edge as far as the market goes, as well technologically. This is a multi-faceted business and you’ll really have staying power and serve your clients well if you take that approach.” Another key to Maria’s success has been her personal approach to sales. “This is a people driven business. From my initial consultation, I take the time to really find out who my clients are and what they want. This isn’t about just matching a price point to square footage. It’s about their needs and their lifestyle. What’s the heart behind their intention of having a home? Whether it’s a first time home buyer or a luxury buyer, I love the process of finding out their needs and then ultimately seeing them achieve their real estate dreams.” 

Maria’s clients sense how much she cares, and are quick to praise her empathetic nature. “It’s a stressful process, especially in a robust market, but it’s my job to be encouraging and to remind them that there’s a reason for everything. My goals is to always help them understand the process with open, honest communication. That makes everything smoother and in turn, makes my clients feel good about their decision.” Maria is big about giving back. In addition to mentoring new agents, she is also a volunteer at hospice and supports several local charities that offer resources to women and children. One of Maria’s strengths is helping her clients understand what it will take to get their home sold for top dollar in the market. She holds annual Seller Seminars to educate residents and answer their questions about the market. “I always tell my clients, the way we live in our homes is not the way we market them for sale. It’s important for sellers to get sound guidance when they consider selling so they can understand what today’s buyers are looking for. Buyers expectations are high in today’s market. My goal is to offer value added recommendations so their home appeals to as many buyers as possible. Ultimately this will help the house sell quickly and at the highest possible price.” It’s a strategy that helped Maria set record sale prices year after year in her community. “People love to hear good news about their homes value. Keeping them informed is very important to me so they can feel confident about their largest asset.” Maria couldn’t be more grateful with her decision almost twelve years ago to finally pursue the career she believes she was destined to have. “It’s always about the win-win approach for me. I love helping people realize their dreams and finding ways to give back to the community I represent. Real estate has really afforded me those opportunities.” 

So 12 years later, if Maria was asked the same question, “What career would you choose if you had to do it free and money wasn’t a consideration?” Her answer is simple, “Absolutely real estate…I’m grateful every day to have the privilege to do what I love while serving my clients and my community. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

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