Minneapolis, MN: Referral Company, Referz, Builds Unique, Affiliate Marketing Program For Real Estate Agents

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Referz.com offers a new, one-of-a-kind business model to real estate agents. The top agents and REALTOR® in the country are invited to participate in the team building and affiliate marketing concept.

Minneapolis MN: Referz Real Estate CEO/Real Estate Broker, Chuck Harris, recently announced the company’s launch of its new real estate agent referral platform, Referz.com. After joining the Referz network, agents can begin earning commissions without actually representing buyers and sellers.

The time involved with representing buyers and sellers is enormous. Between client meetings, open houses, staging, photographs, showings, fielding phone calls and emails, many agents work around the clock. Sellers can be impatient and demanding of an agent’s time and energy. Buyers commonly view between 50 and 100 homes before signing a purchase agreement. After having been an agent himself and working with agents over the years, Harris knew many REALTOR® are looking for a way to increase their earnings without taking on additional clients.

Referz.com enables real estate agents to earn referral fees with minimal effort. Simply by promoting Referz.com, agents can earn 20% of the total gross commission on closings which result from their efforts. All agents need to do is promote the Referz.com website and the Referz team takes care of the rest.

Here’s how it works: agents who join the site receive a unique referral link to promote Referz.com. Agents can use their unique referral link to promote Referz.com in any of the following ways:

• Add a link to Referz.com on your website.
• Post a link to Referz.com on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.
• Include a link to Referz.com in your email signature.

No matter how an agent chooses to promote Referz.com, when a buyer or seller clicks from an agent’s unique referral link to Referz.com, chooses an agent, and a closing results, the promoting agent gets paid. When a deal closes from an agent’s promotional efforts, the promoting agent receives a 20% referral fee which usually averages between $1,500 and $2,000. The Referz team tracks all incoming buyers and seller leads to ensure the promoting agent gets paid when a deal closes. The agent does not have to field phone calls, reply to emails, research agents to recommend to the client, negotiate a referral fee with the recipient agent or contact the recipient agent for status updates on the referral. This is all handled by the Referz team.

For example: John is a San Diego real estate agent. He joins Referz, creates a profile, and becomes part of the Referz network of agents. In addition, John wants to earn referral fees and decides to use his unique referral link to promote Referz.com. John adds a link to Referz.com on his own website which says “Looking for a Top Agent Outside of San Diego? Go to Referz.com.” John also uses his unique referral link to promote Referz.com on Facebook and LinkedIn. Whenever a buyer or seller clicks from John’s unique referral link to Referz.com, chooses an agent and a deal closes, John automatically receives 20 percent of the total gross commission on the sale.

Real estate agents who want to earn more and are ready to free themselves of the hectic lifestyle of an agent can take advantage of this exciting new opportunity to increase their income with very little additional work. The more you promote Referz.com, the more you earn.

Agents can also become a Referz Team Leader by recruiting other agents to become a part of a team. When Team Members promote Referz.com using their unique referral link and a deal closes, the Team Leader receives 5% of the total gross commission on the sale (and the Team Member receives 20%). The more Team Members you recruit, the more you earn.

Promoting Referz.com is easy for agents and great for buyers and sellers who are looking for qualified and experienced agents to represent them on their real estate transaction.

More information is available by visiting the web pages at https://www.referz.com

Contact Information:
Name: Chuck Harris
Company: Referz Real Estate
Address: 5115 Excelsior Blvd. #426, Minneapolis, MN 55416
Email: press@referz.com

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