Preparing Your Home to Sell

Are you ready to sell your home? If you haven’t taken the time to consider the curb appeal of your home, then you probably aren’t ready to sell. If you want to sell your house quickly and for the maximum amount, you’ll want to take some time to be sure the exterior of your home is as welcoming as the interior. As a real estate broker, I have driven up to homes many times with a client and they made the decision right in the drive way; they were NOT going into the house. A shabby exterior to the home comes with the assumption that the interior will likely be just as neglected if not more.  There are lots of things you can do to your homes exterior to prepare it for sale without spending much money. Consider a few our these tips from fellow real estate agents.

Pull the Weeds and Spruce up the Gardens

You don’t have to spend a ton of money planting or landscaping. Just make sure that your yard and garden isn’t full of weeds. Buy a few bags of fresh mulch and maybe buy a few annuals that are bright and flowering. Everyone loves flowers and it’s a small investment.

Examine the Numbers Displaying Your Homes Address

For less than $20 you can replace those ugly, dirty, worn out house numbers that have probably been on the site of your house since the day you purchased your home. Replacing the number will spiff up the house and is one of the first things buyers see when they come to see your home. Afterall, they’ve never been to your home before and are probably looking for the address.

Check the Condition of Your Siding

If the paint it peeling or if bricks are starting to crumble, you should consider a spruce up. A quick fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference and most homes can be painted for less than $3000 if you keep it simple.

Check Your Driveway

An asphalt driveway can be easily spruced up with a new sealer. Most driveways won’t need to be completely redone but a new sealcoat on the driveway will make a big difference. 

Consider Your Windows

Adding some basic shutters to many homes can really add a pleasing asthetic. You should be able to buy and install shutters for less than $1000. They aren’t great for every style of home, but many 1950’s – 1990’s homes will benefit from some new shutters. We also recommend that you wash the insides and outsides of your windows. You can either hire someone or do it on your own, but clean windows bring in more light and give the impression that you have cared for your home. 

If you have given some thought to prepearing your home for sale and you have taken some action to be sure that your home shows well, you are well on your way to getting your house sold. You would be amazed at how many homes on the market are filthy and unkept. Take pride in your home and potential buyers will appreciate it. 



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