“Since starting in the real estate industry, Collin has risen to become one of the most consistent award-winning agents for over 7 years. (Starting as an agent then growing one of Costal Virginias best teams while becoming the General Sales Manager for Greg Garrett Realty). Collin continues to break the status-quo by helping train, coach, and sell while never losing the passion for people with a true heart of service. At the heart of everything is Collin’s wife (Nicole) and their two children Madison and Ryker. Collin stays active as a parent while being a leader in the real estate industry and steadily involved in community programs such as the Angel Tree, Keith Ivey Youth Empowerment Program, and continues to search for more opportunities to make an impact locally as well as nationally. Collin enjoys helping others succeed no matter what career field they are in, spending time with business owners and employees to help them improve either their personal or professional goals. Recently, Collin has been progressively creating videos to help more people find their passion to succeed as well as speaking at local colleges and events to continue his passion of creating a better community for all. Collin enjoys time “with” his family, friends, reading, writing, sports, art and much more, call Collin to see how a true heart of service can be fun and unique; while making a real relationship in the process that will be there for you even when you don’t have a home to buy or sell. Just like you it’s the people that make the difference and Collin makes sure your differences don’t go unrecognized but they are embraced to make your home buying or selling process less stressful and more fulfilling to your own unique circumstances to get you the best results possible.”

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My team and I provide efficient, friendly, educational, and progressive systems designed to keep you ahead in a fast moving world. Without losing the personal touch and keeping in mind no two homes or people are the same. We specialize in using our systems to fully take care of your individuals needs and plans to make the process fun and help make it as easy as possible.

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    Collin did an outstanding job from day one. He kept in contact with me and was there with me and for me throughout the entire process. He was extremely responsive and professional. I honestly don't think he could have worked any harder and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone requiring assistance. He did a far better job than I ever expected and will always consider him to be one of the best in the business. more...
    By Pete Edgette 980 Days ago
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    I honestly cannot say enough about our home buying experience with Collin, he prepped us for the process start to finish, celebrated our highs and commiserated with us during the lows. Collin bent over backward to make sure he accomedated our hectic schedules, with four children and working night shift as a nurse that is no easy feat! Most of all Collin looked out for US every single step, negotiated for us, even argued for us when another agent was less than 100% honest and upfront. He made sure we went looking for a home that was within a realistic budget for US, and kept coming back with a fighting spirit until we found the perfect home for us. Home buying can be a grueling experience at times but Collin kept us laughing at every turn and made sure to help ease the stress where he could. After hearing others and their agent horror stories I would never choose anyone else to represent my family in such an important mile marker in our lives. If you want someone who is truly on your side and not just looking for the next closing, someone who truly will listen to your wants, and be the lion in your corner protecting you and your family; Collin is truly that agent! more...
    By Ashley Clemmons 980 Days ago
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    If you want your house to sell, I highly recommend you contact Collin and his team!! Collin is knowledgeable, respectful, patient, caring, understanding, which made my experience with him extremely positive. My house sold in less than a month!! I had lived in my house for 30 years and was hesitant to sell it and he literally held my hand through the entire process. Collin was responsive to all my calls,questions, and concerns. He is an extremely hard working person and truly wants your entire experience to be as positive and stress fee as possible. Selling my home was a very emotional thing for me. Collin and his staff were always there for me and I am forever grateful to Collin and Tabitha. more...
    By Trisha Snapp 980 Days ago
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    First of all I thank God for bringing Collin in our lives. We met due to unfortunate circumstances with another home about 5 to 6 years ago. Right from the start Collin immediately started to brainstorm to come up with a solution and plan. He help ed us secure a rental home and for the next 3 to 4 years while keeping in constant contact as an agent and as a friend. He knew we wanted to purchase a home but life happened. Collin soon became more than an agent. He was a friend, a counselor, and a prayer warrior. He always was positive with us. Even when we were drifting to the sidelines, he cheered us on and set us straight. We cannot say enough about how loving and caring this man is. We were not just a number, we mattered to Collin and his fantastic team. I could go on and on but if ever you need more than an agent, the Mcdowell Team is the move.... more...
    By Kwinna Carter 980 Days ago
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    Collin is the best! He cares about his client, not the sale. He takes the time to go over the pros and cons of each property, and isn't scared to tell you the hard truth, even if it's not what you want to hear. He makes you feel like part of his fami ly. more...
    By Krista Sweitzer 980 Days ago
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    Let me start off by saying Collin is a hard working guy. He did everything possible to sell my house. He sold it twice in a month. He kept in contact everyday and made it as easy as possible for me. Just a great guy and knows the business very well. He treats you like family and makes sure your happy at the end of the day. Thank you Collin for everything you did for me. I will use your service and recommend you to everyone I know. Great job. more...
    By Trevor Ronan 980 Days ago

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