“Leading Las Vegas Real Estate Broker for the past 13 years! Hundreds of Past Client Reviews online raving about Craig’s Hard Work, Persistence and Attention to Detail! Held in High Regard within the Valley and amongst his Real Estate Peers!”

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In today’s Real Estate Market, the agent you hire has never mattered more.  I take pride in what I do and have successfully closed thousands of Real Estate transactions.  My experience in negotiating is 2nd to none.   I am passionate about what I do and believe in quality customer service. I focus on working with motivated sellers that need proper & quality representation.   When you hire me to sell your home, I focus on selling your home.   I do not handle your home like just another listing.  My approach is pro-actively selling/marketing your home, contrary to the typical Broker/Agent.   Here is a link to some of my reviews:  craigtanngroup.com/reviews  I am also happy to give you client references if you need them. We have a huge presence nationally with our marketing and recently added the leg of international marketing to our services.  Our listings are featured on our 1200 national websites and 400 international real estate websites! Something less than 10% of companies in Las Vegas offer.

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    My experience was extremely positive. Craig managed to sell my property fully furnished in just two months. The process was particularly complex as I am an Italian citizen and resident who only spends two months a year in Vegas. Craig kept me cons tantly advised of developments through e-mails and long distance phone calls and proved extremely helpful in more than a circumstance to overcome different bureaucratic issues. I was referred to him by my nephew Anthony whose dealings with Craig had also been very successful. A big THANK YOU! more...
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    Amazing service! After having our home listed with a discount broker for 9 months, it was a huge relief dealing with Craig. We learned our lesson, unfortunately, the hard way!
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    Craig Tann was the perfect realtor for us. He was very professional, efficient, and prepared. Our home sold quickly and we were very happy with the entire process. We highly recommend Craig.
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    Craig is a true professional. I have worked with Craig over the years, and he has never once let me down, and has always gone above and beyond. My family wanted to purchase in a specific upscale neighborhood that was hard to get in to. Craig was able to make it happen and get us the home we wanted, at the price we wanted. I highly recommend Craig. more...
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    The Craig Tann Group has been the most professional team of realtors I have ever worked with. Craig and his team were responsive, and continuously available for any questions or issues that came up. They sold my home in less than 1 week! The whole tr ansaction went very smooth. more...
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    My experience with Craig Tann was nothing less than seamless, professional, and service oriented. The buying process - which can be extremely daunting, with a pleasure with Craig. He made the whole process very easy and we would recommend him a tho usand times over. Thank you Craig! more...

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