“In 2016, I have closed over $12.5 Million and listed & co-listed over 65 properties. My favorite part of being a realtor is serving as a daily Goodwill Ambassador to Gainesville. I am an expert in contract negotiation. I am in the relationship business first and foremost. Buying or selling a home can be a very stressful life event; I am here to assist buyers and sellers to have the best experience with the least amount of stress possible.”

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My nomadic lifestyle as a military dependent was very exciting but left me with a strong desire to plant roots and call someplace HOME. In selecting a place to call home, I desired the vibrancy of a college town but wanted a city that was conducive to raising a family and a city that is strong in both the arts and cultural diversity. After graduating from Penn State University, I chose Gainesville to be my adopted hometown and have lived here since 1992.In 1996, I earned a graduate degree in counseling and have owned & operated a private counseling practice, Therapeutic Alliance Group, Inc., for the last 16 years. My company proudly served as the lead agency providing mental health and substance abuse services to the federal offenders in the Northern District of Florida. Gainesville has been helped me gain 24 years of varied and invaluable healthcare experiences including nine-years serving as the onsite employee assistance counselor at Nationwide Insurance, military mental health, geriatric care management and corporate wellness program services. I have counseled over 10K area individuals and families. I loved nothing more than helping people improve their lives but sitting in an office for 10 hours a day behind closed doors was starting to stymy my interpersonal growth.In 2015, I took a major leap of faith and dramatically switched careers from healthcare to real estate. Real estate has always been a passion of mine and not a far stretch given that I resided in over 19 homes all before the age of 25. As a teen growing up in Loudoun County, VA, I got my first taste of real estate by working open houses for a few local developers and always loved real estate! In fact, I remember declaring to my mother in 1974 that I wanted to be either “a realtor or Mary Tyler Moore!”.I went to real estate school in 2001 but sidelined my efforts and dove headfirst into building a very successful private practice because I wondered if I always wondered in the back of my mind if I had what it took to be a successful full-time agent.Real Estate was always on my mind and the main topic of conversation in my private life. A chance meeting in the fall of 2014 introduced me to Betsy Pepine, the area’s top residential real estate agent and the most innovative thinker in real estate in our community. Betsy has helped me make my lifelong dream a reality and has mentored & empowered me every step along the way. Having owned various retail businesses in town; I have always had the entrepeurial spirit but I lacked the confidence to go after my dream until I joined Pepine Realty. Working full-time in real estate in my favorite city is a lifelong dream come true.My career in real estate license offers me the opportunity to combine my passion for helping people with my skills as an expert listener and trained negotiator (Florida Supreme Court-Certified Mediator). Meeting the individualized needs of buyers & sellers is my goal but my mission is to be a trusted counsel and friend throughout the buying and/or selling process.***In my first year as a realtor at Pepine Realty; I sold over$ 3.5 Million in Residential Sales. In 2016, I have closed over $12.5 Million and listed & co-listed over 50 properties. My favorite part of being a realtor is serving as a daily Goodwill Ambassador to Gainesville in my daily tours of our city given to individuals considering relocating to our amazing city/county! My goal for the next chapter of my life is to better serve my community on a larger scale and help bridge the gap of disparity and spread hope of success to others.Where have I called home before Gainesville? California, Georgia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New Hampshire, and Washington State!Please “like” me on Facebook!

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