“Not your typical agent! A true professional Real Estate Consultant! The guiding principle behind my motivation begins by interacting with the heart of a teacher. Customers choose to hire me based primarily on trust, and in turn become lifelong clients because of my proven ability to communicate real world experience.”

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ExperienceI’m a Full-time, Professional Real Estate Consultant, licensed since Jan. 2005, and a lifetime St. Louis area native.  I have an undeniable passion for real estate and the integrity to do the right thing at all times.  My clients are always my first priority, and their needs become my main focus.  It’s the most essential ingredient in everything I do, and the reason for making it “All About You!”  I have the experience, persistence, and perseverance it takes to make it through the really tough markets, and the patience and determination required for long-lasting success.  Please put me to the test!How am I different from other real estate agents?For Sellers: I utilize the latest technologies and incorporate a systematic approach for getting homes sold fast and for top dollar!  My historical list price/sale price ratio, and average days on market numbers are impeccable.  I never accept more business than my team can effectively service.  Generally speaking, we will never carry more than 8 active listings, allowing us to give our clients the time and attention they richly deserve!  Think of our service as having a very low Student/Teacher ratio.  This streamlined methodology gives us the ability to turn our inventory quicker than most agents or teams.  So, by the time your home gets listed in the MLS, and has a chance to soak in to all the websites your home will be showing up on, get ready, because it’s time to call the movers!For Buyers: Applying similar systems and technologies used for selling homes, works as well for finding homes, thus making your home search fun, on target, and on time.  90% of the work is already complete, before we even begin our physical home search.  A 30-minute consultation ensures you will have a firm grasp of the entire home purchase process, and by gathering in advance, all the information required to prepare a comprehensive plan for finding your new home, permitting more time and freedom for you to focus on other things… like packing.  Before we schedule our first home tour together, expectation levels will be set, the path forward will be clear, and we will have a high degree of confidence in locating your ideal home, right from the word go!CommunicationI am easily accessible; I actually answer my phone when it rings, unless I happen to be with a client at the time or already on the phone.  You can rest assured though, I will return your call or text in a very timely manner.  Great service and common courtesy depends on the ability to return phone calls as quickly as possible, and I do my very best to provide that.  Your communication preference is my preference, whether it’s by phone, email, text, or all three, this is how we will relate to one another moving forward through the process.ExpertiseMy primary area of focus is residential neighborhoods in the Greater St. Louis area, with emphasis in South St. Louis County and North Jefferson County.

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