“Rada’s one of the most experienced & award winning Realtors around. She’s compassionate, works very hard, and conducts her business with honesty & integrity & communicates regularly. She’s sold to the stars in Hollywood, worked in Marin County and now San Diego. She knows the market well!”

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Whether you’re a first time buyer or experienced seller, Rada will streamline your transaction. She has maximum marketing skills, uses maximum technology, and gives you maximum service. San Diego is a fast selling market now, so if you’re buying, she’ll make sure your offer is complete so you’ll have every advantage. And if you’re selling, she’ll market on 6 different MLS’s throughout Southern CA plus internationally, to make sure your property is seen everywhere. And if you’re looking for an investment, she’s knowledgeable with that too. And, she almost always answers her phone personally right away!

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Address: 2701 Loker Ave W, Carlsbad, CA 92010, USA