I have buyers-in-waiting. Over 6,000 of them in the market, at least 100 in your area and I can even show you my list of who is most likely to buy your home.  I guarantee your sale and you can cancel our agreement at any time if you’re not 100% satisfied!  I sell for 2.4% more money and twice as fast as the average agent in Denver.”

More About Sam Wilson

I grew up mostly in Connecticut and Massachusetts, along with a few years in Ohio.  The son of working-class parents, I learned the definition of hard work and commitment at an early age.  I work until the work is done.  My parents also taught me the value of giving back, and I remember going door to door collecting money for Muscular Dystrophy beginning at age 12.  Now I give a portion of my income from Real Estate sales to the National Sports Center For the Disabled.
I started selling stuff in the second grade with my first paper route.    I mowed the most lawns, shoveled the most snow and washed the most cars of any kid in town.
In 1985, I graduated Northeastern University in Boston with a dual degree in marketing and finance.  After school, I moved to Chicago to help my folks with a small business start-up.  I began my corporate career with Proctor and Gamble as a sales associate first in Cincinnati, then in Omaha.   From there I landed a sales and marketing position with Polaroid in Tampa.
The remainder of my corporate career was with the Coca-Cola company.  I held several sales and marketing leadership positions and received many awards at Coke until I left after 14 years.  I simply got tired of moving so much and my wife, Pamela, and I fell in love with Colorado.
I began my real estate career in 2002 with Century 21 where I was rookie of the year.  I then went to Keller Williams to be an owner of an office.  At KW I held leadership positions including Mentor, Trainer, and Managing/Employing Broker.  While at KW I built a successful team, and moved out on my own to open Wilson Group Real Estate in 2013.
I see a huge opportunity to run a real estate company more like the businesses and companies I’ve been so fortunate and proud to work for over the years.  As such, I built Wilson Group Real Estate with specialized professionals including Outside Sales Agents, an Inside Sales Agent, a Marketing Associate and 3 Administrative Assistants.
I’ve sold over 1000 houses now and have always been in the top 1% of all agents in Colorado.  I’m experienced and skilled in every kind of residential real estate and some commercial real estate as well.  I’m also a professional and certified real estate coach with clients throughout the U.S.
I love teaching and believe in servant leadership. My entire team is highly skilled and trained by me.  I require all my Agents to complete twice the amount of training required by the Real Estate Commission and they must become Brokers, instead of the typical Broker Associate in other companies.
Finally, I invite you to look over my Company Vision Statement on my website  www.SamWilsonGroup.com.  I think it’s important for potential customers and partners to know my core values, and am happy to put them out there for everyone to see.
Finally, I also offer a free market evaluation and price opinion of your home, with no obligation to sell it with me.
Thank  you and I look forward to speaking with you soon.
Sam Wilson
Broker, Owner, CEO
Wilson Group Real Estate

Reviews of Sam Wilson (5)

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    I found Sam Wilson and Wilson Group Real Estate on a website offering us the top 3 agents in the Denver area. I chose Sam and his team above the rest, and am very happy that I did! Sam, sold our home for $11,000 over our asking price, which I think w as the highest price ever on our street! The price was obviously important ,but we were under extreme pressure to close ASAP and he was able to find us a buyer to close as fast as we needed to! The deal closed smoothly, on time, and with very little hassle. Sam got us 7 offers in just 2 days with his innovative “Coming Soon” marketing plan along with all his other inte4rnet marketing and performance guarantees. We had so many showings that I was basically homeless for 2 days, which resulted in a bidding war to drive the price up for us. . Getting multiple offers can be overwhelming, but Sam’s system for presenting us the offers in a very organized fashion made it easy to decide which offer to take. Even with such high offers, Sam still insisted that we ask for a few more things that would help us, especially a much faster closing date! Many Seller’s in today’s hot market think that anyone can just list and sell their house. But even in a hot market you need to have an an Agent and a whole team who will do more than other agents and provide great customer service! Not only did Sam and his team do that for me, but through an extremely stressful time for me, he was always there to talk me off the ledge and help to see the benefit of getting the house sold in time to close on our new one. The communication and fast response was a huge help and comfort to me. If you’re selling your home, and even if you’ve already talked to another agent, you should talk to Sam about how he’ll take better care of you before you select a lesser Agent. Sam definitely does what he promises and is always there for you! - Rochelle Bartlett more...
  • 1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star
    Sam, and Wilson Group Real Estate, sold our home for $30,000 over our asking price, the highest price ever in our neighborhood by a longshot! Importantly, he negotiated with the buyer to take the property as-is and without any other contingencies. In fact, he even negotiated to get the buyer to pay extra cash in case the appraisal did come in as high the sales price! The deal closed smoothly, on time, and no hassles at all! Sam insisted that we use his leading edge “Coming Soon” marketing program in order to drive up demand, showings, and create a bidding war to drive the pierce up for us. It worked! In the 2 days that it was available for showings we had over 40 showings, and by creating urgency with an offer deadline, we received 14 offers by the 3rd day! Sam negotiated to not only drive the price up, but to get us a buyer who was guaranteed to close on time and with the least amount of hassle for us! We don’t live in Denver anymore and didn’t want to come back once we got the house ready to sell. Sam and his Administrative staff were a huge help -keeping us informed every step of the way with their very thorough communication and weekly updates. They set us up with a mobile closing company so we could close at our convenience without any concern or hassles about coming back to Denver. A couple of other things that gave both us and the buyer piece of mind was Sam’s value added tactics such as putting a home warranty on the property during the listing period and sending his house cleaner over to put the finishing touches on the house before showings, clearly helping buyers fall in love with it and make higher offers. Receiving 14 offers so fast can certainly be overwhelming, but Sam’s system for presenting us the offers in a very organized fashion made it very easy and clear which offer to negotiate and accept. Even with such high offers, Sam still insisted that we ask for a few more things in our favor. Many Seller’s in today’s super-hot market think that anyone can just list and sell their house. But what we learned with Sam is that even in a hot market you need to have an Agent who will do more than any other to increase the marketing over and above everyone else, make your property stand out from the rest, negotiate hard for driving up the price, convincing the appraiser to value the property at the purchase price and getting it closed on time! If you’re considering selling, even if you’ve already talked to another agent, you owe it to yourself to talk to Sam and Wilson group real estate before you make your decision. When Sam says that he has the buyer’s, he sells faster and for more money, he means it and certainly proved it to us through our transaction. - Christian and Lena Brown more...
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    Thanks for the good work. I have been greatly impressed with the professionalism of your company. From the experience I have had selling my own properties and that of my parents; you are far above those that are in second place. Thanks again for your help and getting this done in a timely manner. I was asked to sell 2 properties for a relative who had just turned 103 years old and had to move to a nursing home. I found and interviewed 3 of the top agents in the Denver area through a service called Agents Ranking. I selected Sam Wilson and Wilson Group Real Estate for their professionalism, marketing plan and negotiation skills. Sam was able to get multiple offers on the first property within just a few days. Then he was able to negotiate with the potential buyers to get me a contract at full price with an all cash contract. Then, just a few days before closing, I received the sad news that my relative passed away. This changed everything and could have stopped the sale. I was fortunate that Sam and his team have experience with this sort of situation and that he knew exactly what to do. Sam did a great job of working with our estate attorney to get everything in order to complete the sale. Importantly; he was able to keep the cash buyer in the deal, without any concessions, and close just a month later. The second property was significantly more difficult. It was very run down and in a tough neighborhood to sell. It was also tenant occupied. Again, Sam did a great job of working with our attorney to remove the tenant and get the house sold and closed with a cash buyer very quickly. Once again, he was able to get me multiple cash offers - this time before it even went into the MLS! Both properties were sold as-is and went very smoothly because of Sam and his unique team approach. So if you're looking for the Agent who will sell your home the fastest, for the mot amount of money and with the least hassle, I would highly recommend Sam Wilson and Wilson Group Real Estate. - Ray more...
  • 1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star
    Dear Sam & The Wilson Group; We've dealt with realtors on just a few occasions. Sam Wilson made an excellent first presentation and from that point forward followed up at every step. With his help we priced the house right and found the p erfect buyer. The home fit the buyer and allowed us to proceed quickly with our move to Nevada. This was the first step on a major change in our lives. - Jim and Angela Biggins more...
  • 1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star
    Thank you for all your hard work selling our house. I thought everything went great and minor problems we had were handled promptly and professionally. We will definitely recommend you to others looking to buy or sell a house and will give you a call when we are ready to buy. - Sam and Vernette more...

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