“I’ve been a Sarasota FL real estate agent, since 2003. I’ve worked diligently to build my reputation as a stellar and trustworthy Realtor”

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In 2003 after having several sales and marketing careers, I decided to get our real estate license.  It seemed natural for me because over the year I had bought and sold several of my own homes and with my husband, owned a building supply business.  My mother was a Realtor for a short period of time when I was growing up.  I remember how much she loved the business, but with 9 children, it was just too much for her.  I’m glad I’ve been able to fulfill her dream.  Most important in my career is understanding and fulfilling my client’s needs.  Nothing is more satisfying than helping people find a home…a place where they will create new memories that will last a lifetime.  Marketing is what I love to do, so helping folks to sell a home is always a fun challenge for me.  I love working with the sellers to find out why they purchased the home.  That could be a good start for my copywriting!Becoming a Sarasota FL Realtor has been the culmination of my life and all my careers.  I’m thrilled to be able to assist you.

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