“Vanessa Spiva & The Urban Door Team goes above and beyond the effort and service the average real estate agent will offer. We are committed to getting you the best results, in the best time possible, and with the least amount of hassle to you”

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This is our selling strategy we use to get our clients the most money possible, every single time. The average realtor will just put your property on the Multiple Listing Service and just sit and wait for buyers. They hardly do any additional services, marketing, and efforts to get your property sold for the most money.  We are not a discount real estate service because we do not deliver discount results! We deliver the best results and here is how we do it. Every extra dollar for your home counts, so we go above and beyond the average efforts to get you the best results possible! Guaranteed!Our exclusive 20 Step Selling System is the best in the industry! A few hightlights are (in addition to listing your home on the Multiple Listing Service ) we also implement the following…1. A professional property website, drone videos, and professional photography of your property2. We have a HOT buyers list of buyers that have been attending open houses in the past year and they are active in the market, we market directly to those buyers. 3. We do Massive Open House Events that get over 50 parties to attend! To get the most expsoure to your property. 4. Heavey online marketing on  over 5,000 real estate website and all social media platflorms. Facebook paid adverstiing and Facebook live events! (at no cost to the seller) These 4 things are just some of the highlights from our 20 Step selling system. They are proven stratgeies that requrie extra effort and commitment that we strive to execute for every client. We would love to share more information with you about our selling strategy to get you the most money possible in the sale of your home.

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