“Hello Referz ! I have been retired for some time now..But I keep myself busy making a few extra bucks in the REI sale and marketing secta. To be clear, I am not a licensed agent, But a very good independent marketing agent of Various type Property’s thru-out the USA.”

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I have been marketing and listing/promoting rehabs and Turn-Key Investment properties for a few major nationwide wholesalers and Investment firms for over 10 years now as an independent contractor. Another words I get paid for referring cash buyers/home buyers who purchase for flipping and rehabbing, or Actual Home occupancy.. In the past years I have built up quite a Cash Buyers list (5000+) and Investor list nationwide. I presently am looking for an Established honest wholesaler’s or Investment Companies that own or handle fresh rehabs or homes for buyer occupier’s or for Investments. So to get to the point, I would like to associatewith Your Company as a associate to at least give my nationwide list of investors a chance to see your banners in my email sig file so my cash buyers and Investors can also have the opportunity to link to your company. I’m am still very active daily marketing Rehabs for various Investments firms Nationwide. example: Econohomes.com Of Austin TX who I have been with for nearly 10 years, and still contracted with as a independent marketing contractor, and proud to say that thru some of my help and efforts they have sold over 10,860 property’s since 2008.. I’m hoping that you folks at Referze and I can work together in producing more Business thru my marketing efforts….of your available opportunities.

PS. I also have access to a large amount’s of Rehabs & REO’s in Indianapolis, Dayton OH, Ky and Various Hot Spots in the USA like Atlanta,Memphis Houston etc etc.. I probably have in my cash buyers list over 5000+ members, that I email various type homes to every day.. Just Sayin !  lol

Thanks Very Much  for Reading ! Tom McHugh Sr wesellrehabs@gmail.com xtremepropertyfinders@gmail.com xtremewholesaledeals4u@gmail.com

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