San Francisco Tech Buses

In San Francisco, a city never intended nor built for the amount of traffic it now accommodates, tech buses are common and often a bone of contention. According to a joint survey by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the Bay Area Council, more than 800 tech buses drive on Bay Area roads daily. No specific number for San Francisco proper appeared.


The argument in favor of the large double-decker tech buses is that they save the roadways from all the cars that would otherwise clog them. By implication that also means tech buses are more environmentally friendly.


But in San Francisco, the new(er) tech haven, the tech buses are hotly contested because they often clog the streets and public transit stops even though they are run by private enterprises. Additionally, the tech buses violate traffic rules on a regular basis and by doing so endanger pedestrians.


While tech buses are unlikely to go away, better regulation of them is called for. That is especially true because tech buses appear to compound the effects by Uber and Lyft double-parkers and drivers who make illegal turns and commit other traffic violations as well. 

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