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The most important step to selling your house is pricing it correctly. Price your home too high and it will take longer to sell, potentially at a lower price than if you had priced it right to begin with. Referz recommended real estate agents are trained to analyze current market conditions, past home sales and unique property characteristics to advise you of the optimal price for your home. Receive a free custom market analysis (CMA) for your home from a Referz approved real estate expert in your neighborhood.


Your home needs to look it’s best if you want to get top dollar when you sell. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars remodeling, however, small things can make a huge difference. A Referz recommended real estate agent will walk through your home to help you prioritize repairs, updates, staging and decluttering (if necessary). They can help you to understand which home improvements will yield the best return on your investment and what will get a buyers attention to make your home stand out from the competition.

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Home Marketing Targeted


Marketing is what will set your home apart from competing homes for sale and get buyers in the door. Successful listing agents use online marketing, social media, email, direct mail, print and local contacts to sell your home. A top real estate agent will tailor the marketing to target potential buyers who will be interested in your home, whether it’s a luxury waterfront property or a fixer-upper.


Successfully negotiating a home sale, like all negotiations is more of an art than a science. Having an agent with a proven record of success who has closed hundreds or even thousands of sales, can have a big impact on the sale price, terms and conditions. An experienced agent will know when to stand firm and when to give a little to make the sale happen. The first offer isn’t always the best offer and the market knowledge of a top agent will help you to determine if it’s best to negotiate or walk away from an offer.

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An experienced closing team will coordinate and keep you updated regarding the appraisal, inspection, repairs (if necessary), title work and scheduling. The team will make sure the buyer and his/her agent follow through on their obligations and deadlines to make sure everything proceeds as smoothly as possible. There are so many things that need to happen prior to closing and having someone who has done it hundreds of times before will help to ensure that everything happens to your satisfaction


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