You are putting your house up for sale, you’ve interviewed a couple of agents and you are ready for the next step. The sale of your home isn’t solely in the hands of your agent, you have more control over the desirability of your home to prospective buyers than you may think. Here are 5 turn offs to avoid when listing your home.


Professional photos entice buyers to come see your home and enhance the best features of your home. When prospective buyers see your home in person, they will be looking for those characteristics that stood out to them in the photos. Sure, you can hire agents who charge less commission, possibly forgoing the professional photos, but you also get what you pay for. If you decide not to have professional photos taken, you run the risk of your home sitting on the market longer and even a lower offer. Hire an agent willing to have professional photos take of your home.


You can’t trick people into buying your home. Sure there may be things that you don’t want to advertise in bold, but neither should you go out of your way to slant facts that will be instantly obvious when prospective buyers walk into your home. In the same way, deceptive photos won’t encourage buyers to purchase your home. When they realize the wide angle lenses made the room look WAY bigger than it really is or the home is in worse shape than the photos portrayed it to be, they are going to be disappointed and walk away.


It is much more difficult to see a home when buyers are distracted by all of the “stuff” you’ve accumulated throughout the years. Instead of viewing decluttering as a daunting tasks, view it as “pre-packing!” Start getting rid of stuff you don’t need and packing items you know you are taking with you. It’s a win-win, you are more prepared to move, the buyers can see more of your home and your home will be easier to maintain! When you remove the clutter, give your home a good cleaning. Everything will appear brighter, in better shape and smell freshly cleaned!


When buyers see a home that is clearly overpriced, more than likely they won’t even bother looking at it OR you will receive a ridiculously low ball offer. The price of your home is based on what other homes have sold for in the area, the current market and updates you have done on the home. Your agent will review all of this information with you and keep in mind that the Buyer’s Agent will more than likely use it as well to make an offer. The danger in overpricing a home is that it will sit on the market longer than necessary (prime time is in the first 30 days). An overpriced home helps sell homes that are priced appropriately. Ultimately it is your decision what price you list your home for, but listen to your agent’s advice and research to make an educated decision.


When an agent or buyer requests to see your home, make every effort to accommodate them! The goal is to get people to your home, if you aren’t flexible with their schedule buyers may decide to look elsewhere. Sometimes requests do come on short notice, but your agent can’t do their job of selling your home if you aren’t prepared and willing to work with them.

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