Smart Technology for Your Home

When it comes to smart technology for your home, let’s start with a bit of an overview. Smart technology is not as new as it appears, though it has been improved over time and it has found more applications, including those for your home. Smart technologies for your home aim to simplify your life, at times help you control usage and usage costs associated with your home, and add a feeling of more security to your life.


The following are smart technologies to consider for your home:


Smart thermostats

Smart smoke detectors (and smart carbon monoxide detectors)

Smart keyless entry


Be aware however that smart technology for your home come with some considerations and even caveats. We asked one of our local home inspectors, Nick Falus of Greenfield Inspections, for some thoughts and feedback about smart technology for the home. He points out the following:


As a homeowner, make sure to have warranty information clearly outlined. That applies to two separate warranties: the product warranty and the installer’s warranty.

If your home has security cameras, have them linked to your mobile device.

This is especially important if you are away from home for some time or if the property is a second home.

Link a ‘water sensor’ to your mobile device in case your home is either susceptible to flooding or to having water in the basement – or both.

Link the operation of your lights to a mobile device. Doing so can provide you with additional security.

Know how to manually reactivate any of these systems in case any one of these programs fails.

While electronic door locks are easy to use, there should always be a secondary manual deadbolt lock to assure positive entry security when the home is occupied.

And if you own a vacation home or a second home, install an electronic water valve on the main water service for ease in turning the water off when the property is vacant.

You are set to enjoy smart technology for your home with these tips.

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