Who Pays the Realtor Fees When You Buy a House?

As a home buyer, you can choose any real estate agent in the city to work for you at no expense to you. For first time home buyers, this is very important information. Since there are many steps in the home buying process, it makes the most sense to start finding a Realtor as soon as you are ready to pursue home ownership. Their services are free to you, so you might as well use them to their fullest potential. Ask them as many questions as you can. A good full-time Realtor looks at homes everyday. They have seen hundreds to thousands of homes at this point in their career. Their knowledge of the industry is invaluable to consumers.

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  1. Liz Gill 3 years ago

    I am a first-time buyer and was thinking that if I don’t use a real estate agent to represent me in the purchase that I might be able to get the sellers agent to discount part of their commission. Do you think this might work? I am on a tight budget and am looking for ideas on how to save some money on my purchase.

  2. Author
    Bill Taylor 3 years ago

    Dual agency (Agent representing buyer & seller) is allowed in the state of Virginia, so check with your state to see if its allowed. Discounting the listing agents commission will have no impact upon your sales price. Get a buyers agent who is paid by the listing agent, they will be able to assist you with the best way to present an offer with the least amount of money out of your pocket

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