Yikes! The Dreaded Real Estate Agent Selfie!!!

bad realtor selfie

One of the most important jobs of the real estate agent is to accurately and beautifully photograph the clients home. If you are paying the agent $10,000, $30,000 or even $50,000+ to sell your home you should expect high quality photography. How would you feel if the real estate agent you hired included a “Realtor Selfie” in the marketing photographs of your house? Check out the terrible picture below posted by one of our members.

bad realtor selfie

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  1. R Smith 2 years ago

    I think that one thing that many budding photographers do not entirely understand is that it’s not always easy to get into the industry. Not only do you have to get your name out there and score your first couple of professional shoots, but it also takes tons of an investment in order to get all of the equipment you’ll need to ensure you get detailed photographs. Just having an expensive camera is not going to be enough going to cut it: you need to invest in a myriad of lenses, flashes, a second camera, and countless extra batteries and memory media to be ready for nearly any setback. Plus, expect to wind up investing in extra storage devices to backup your shots to. This can be a considerable amount of money to spend before you actually get your business up and functional. Of course you can usually rent gear the first few times, and this can help for a little while, but if you’re actually serious about getting into photography as a business – especially photographing weddings and other events – you’re going to be forced to make a serious investment at some point.

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